Annual Report 2012


The year 2012 was a busy year for our ‘Strengthening Communities for Peace’ and associated projects. Around

  • 1,700 victims and their families needed counselling and support,
  • 60 training and awareness events were delivered by Buka staff with over 4000 attendees
  • 800 groups and 2000 individuals were part of our field counselor networking activities
  • 36 radio programme produced
  • 12 articles published to inform about Bougainville’s Gender and Human Rights issues and activities, and
  • 3 public events organised

The areas of our activities (excluding counseling or field counselor networking) focussed on

  • 16% Gender and Violence
  • 39% Gender and Human Rights
  • 13% Peace and Reconciliation

The majority of the above activities was funded by New Zealand Aid (NZAID). A change in funding focus by NZAid will affect the ongoing implementation of some aspects of the programme but we are confident that the will be able to overcome these challenges. The management team  and the Board of Executives explore ways to find potential programme partners as well as areas to reduce costs to continue to provide a service to those in need and interested in building their capacity.

Helen Hakena

Executive Director
Leitana Nehan Women’s Development Agency


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