Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

On the behalf of the Board of Directors of Leitana Nehan, staff and management, we wish everyone who has been associated with the organisation Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

The year 2013 has been another good year for us as we, for example we

  • delivered our counselling service to about 1432 victims,
  • engaged youth from eight communities to be part of the Lukout programme (and they are now human rights defenders, refering victims for couselling and register incidents at the village court magistrates or chiefs)
  • initiated the White Ribbon Day March (16 days of Activism) in Buka, combined with Human Rights speeches and  a “real man don’ t hit women” song competition (sponsored by UNDP and UNWomen)
  • took part at the 2013 Human Rights Film Festival and facilitated the Busbin and Hoko screenings and discussions
  • run a public awareness campaign on International Day of Peace at Bel Isi Park
  • took part on the national wide Hauskrai to remember and protest against Gender Based Violence in PNG

The next year will be busy as well.   Two of our team member have been trained in Climate Development Justice and will be conducting awareness of and research with the displaced Atolls residents.

Legal literacy, voter education, Male Advocacy and further Lukout Youth training are scheduled for 2014.  The office will continue to be open for victims to receive counselling and support.

Best wishes

Helen Hakena

Executive Director