NGOs and Post-Conflict Recovery: The Leitana Nehan Women’s Development Agency, Bougainville;
Authors: Helen Hakena, Peter Ninnes, Bert Jenkins; Asia Pacific Press, New title edition (June 2006

Articles and Interviews 

Radio New Zealand International (April 2013): Bougainville human rights advocates say government must protect against sorcery violence

Radio Australia (February 2013): A leading women’s right activist has condemned the terms of a remedy program for women who have been raped by workers at the Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) mine site in Enga province, Papau New Guinea

other Radio Australia interviews

Asia Times – Catherine Wilson (2012): Gun violence rises in Papua New Guinea

Chris Richards (2002):  Interview with Helen Hakena re Women Organizing for Peace, Violence Against Women, retrieved from

Kris Hakena (2001), Peace in Bougainville and the Work of the Leitana Nahan Women’s Development Agency, retrieved from (International de Resistentes a la Guerra)

APWLD (2013),  Protest against WTO Agreements


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