Programme and Services

Picture 10

Counselling and referral for victims / survivors of gender based violence. One to one counseling is conducted at the Buka office as well as in the 13 Bougainville Districts by field counselors.

Awareness programme includes Human and Gender Rights, Domestic Violence, Rape, Voter Education, Male Advocacy and Land Issues.

Trainings to community based organisations, Government Agencies, Faith based Organisations, youth and other community groups include Gender and Human Rights, Legal Literacy, Organisational Capacity Building, Governance, Leadership, Male Advocacy, Peace Building, Lukout Youth Programme and Climate Development Justice.

Other activities include
– monthly radio programme on Radio Bougainville, New Dawn FM
– Leitana Generation Next, a young women media advocacy support programme
– Networking with North Bougainville Human Rights Committee, UNWomen, UNDP, Bougainville Women’s Federation, Government, Churches, Health Sector and Police/Courts.


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